My Humidifier is Broken


​ This morning I went to my storage closet and brought out the humidifier in preparation for the cold and dry winter months, and luckily I did too, because it was broken! Now I have to go online and order a new one.

          ​​This was the best humidifier 
I have ever used, and I have used it for many winters, so I'm kinda sad to see it go. I wonder if they still make the same model and if the quality is still the same. My humidifier had been a great help to soothe my allergic conditions during the cold nights.

          ​​I put it at my bedside table and let it run throughout the night while I sleep. The other models that I have used were either too noisy to put in the bedroom, or spit white dust all over my furniture. If this humidifier is no longer available, I have no idea which one to buy!

  Vacuum Cleaner of the Space Age

             The technology of cleaning appliance is advancing at almost the similar pace with our communication devices to meet our expectations. Same goes to vacuum cleaners, various features are added into the simplest set to make our life easier.

            ​​As every brand is competing for the title of the best vacuum cleaner, there are undeniably a lot of improvements seen in their products. For instance, edge cleaner function is one of the greatest inventions that allows easier cleaning of wall-to-wall carpeting. Some more advanced models have a smart feature to indicate the user when the container is full, while simpler ones may have a transparent bin to allow user to track the content.

​          S​ome even come with a headlight that allows visibility in a dark room, without switching on the lights. If you are planning to invest on a better one for a long run, it is advisable to choose a vacuum cleaner with a motor protection system have a longer lifespan as it serves to prevent overheating of the motor.